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  1. One of our spark specialist will help you select from our 14k Yellow Gold or 14k Gold Filled chain and charm collection.
  2. Once you have picked your chain our specialist will custom fit your wrist, neck or ankle for the application.
  3. We will put the chain on you and ask you if you liked the fit. If you decide, you would like to make adjustments before welding, we will do so.
  4. Once we are ready, you will get sparked by one of Albisia’s spark specialist.
  5. The actual “zap” just takes a few seconds and it’s painless.
  6. Please enjoy your new piece of jewelry. Get sparked. Be bolt!

There are no returns, exchanges on Albisia Sparked Jewelry. Albisia Sparked Jewelry is delicate and considered fine jewelry, so please, wear with care.
If you need to take your bracelet off, simply cut the jump-ring with scissors or wire cutters, place the chain in a safe place, and book a repair session.

Each piece of our permanent jewelry is backed by a 30-day warranty. Should the jump ring fail at the point of welding, as long as the chain is not lost we will provide a free repair.However, problems like chain breakage or stretching, typically caused by harsh usage or inadvertent tugging, are not covered by our warranty. While we're unable to cover these issues under our warranty, we can mend the chain by adding an extra jump ring or provide the best possible solution for a charge of $20. The chain might still look stretched.In case you lose the chain, we can offer a 20% discount on a replacement chain.

Appointment cost of $20 gets applied to the cost of your purchase at the store. 

The permanence of the jewelry is up to you. If you decide to remove it, you can easily cut the chain using a regular pair of kitchen scissors.