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We design and handcraft each piece of jewelry from raw materials. Our focus is to create simple, timeless yet modern jewelry that can be playfully mixed together. Every piece of jewelry that comes out of our bench exhibits individuality and craftsmanship.

My design process starts with establishing connections between uncorrelated concepts and visual elements. Comprehensive thinking, day dreaming, a clear mind, an ever changing background and a notebook is enough for this process to begin. The harmony of the contradicting elements of the world gives me what I need to create the pieces that comes out of my work bench. 

Being talented alone is not enough, you need to allow yourself. I am trying to allow myself to built a balanced and spiritually fulfilled identity in my jewelry. Traveling is the most significant part of this balance. It is as important as breathing. When I am forming the basis of a piece of jewelry, I want every one of them to represent an experience so they all have a meaning that will last a lifelong. For me traveling is observation, knowledge, principle, experiment, curiosity. Only then all the right parts of a piece comes together and the piece carries diversification in wholeness.

I let my imagination flow while I am traveling because I feel completely free when I imagine. My formula is to enhance all my senses, discover my emotions and actualize my dream world.


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